MRAS-8203 is a Professional Grade Turbo Jet Torch Head featured with powerful Triple Flame.
Designed and manufactured under the highest standards, this high output nozzle provides as much as 8762 BTU/hr, plus heat temperature up to 2372°F, which help you to get your job quickly be done. Easy to use and versatile for all-purpose applications, great for both professional or home needs, no matter lighting charcoal or welding brazing and soldering pipes - you can even sear meat with this great tool.
Free Gas cylinder stabilize base included, help the torch to stand stably and safely on surfaces.

Powerful Triple Flame, heat up to 2372°F (1300°C)
Trigger Start Piezo Ignition, with adjustable flame control
Stainless steel burner tube
Gas cylinder stabilize base included
Compatible with Propane, MAPP and MAP/PRO fuel gas
Made in Taiwan

Ideal for:
Welding, Brazing and Soldering
Driveway cracks and joints filler removing and repairing
Charcoal starter
Searing meat
Cooking and grilling
Weed Killing
Ice melting
Camp fire starter

Torch Size: 215 x 93 x 44 mm
Torch weight: 336 g
Heat temp.: Max 1234℃
Consumption Rate: 167 g/hr
BTU: 8046 BTU/hr
Power: 2360 W
Threading: fits CGA 600 US standard cylinder

6 pc per box * 6 boxes per carton = 36 pc;

Usage Scenarios and Local details: