BTM-7010 Brass Pencil Flame Torch is one of the most popular and versatile product in the portable gas industry, our unique product stands out from all others by its top quality and solid materials.
The BTM-7010 Brass Pencil Flame Torch is the upgraded version of previous BTM-7010 model. The upgraded model featured with fully Brass constructed torch include the Full Brass Gas Knob, which greatly increase the product's durability and reliability!

Fully brass constructed body
Brass gas valve
Manual Ignition
Fine Pencil Flame
Smart Sized
CSA Certification

Ideal for:
Soft Soldering
Braze Copper Pipes
Thawing Pipes
Loosen rusty bolts
Remove paint or putty
Lighting Charcoal
Working on crafts and hobbies

Torch Size: 151 x 61 x 27 mm
Torch weight: 234 g
Heat temp.: Max 1322℃
Consumption Rate: 200 g/hr
BTU: 7568 BTU/hr
Power: 2219 W
Threading: fits CGA 600 US standard cylinder

16 pc per box * 6 boxes per carton = 96 pc;

Usage Scenarios and Local details: