HZ-8394 hosed torch
HZ-8394 hosed torch
HZ-8394 hosed torch
HZ-8394 hosed torch


The HZ-8394 hosed torch is one of the hottest in the portable gas torch product line, maximum working temperature reaches up to 1450℃. Specially designed with 3'long hose for more moving flexibility and multi-purpose uses in all circumstances, no matter big or small jobs. HZ-8394 is the upgraded version of the previous hot sale HZ-8388.

Handy cylinder clip included
Self ignition
Adjustable flame

Ideal for:
High Heat Soldering
Brazing for hard-to-reach spaces
Heat treating
Harden Steel
Thawing Pipes
Loosen rusty bolts
Remove paint

Torch Size: 1610 x 50 x 50 mm
Torch weight: 636 g
Heat temp.: Max 1450℃/2642°F
Consumption Rate: 219 g/hr (2.9 KW)
BTU: 10155 BTU/hr
Threading: fits CGA600 US standard cylinder

12 units per inner box;
2x12 units per case;
46.3 LBS per case;
Case size: 25x14x20 INCH

Usage Scenarios and Local details: