Welding Type Arc Welding Oxy-Fuel Welding & Cutting MAPP/Propane Gas Brazing & Welding
Field Work Photo
Working Fundamental
Power Source

Acetylene & Oxygen

MAPP/Propane & Oxygen
Cylinder Size N/A H=112cm D=31cm W=84kg H=27.3cm D=7.4cm W=0.9kg
Welding Tool
Welding Electrode or Rod
Stainless Steel, Nickel

Bronze, Silver, Aluminum

Bronze, Silver, Aluminum
Welding Theory An electric arc is used to create intense heat to melt the two workpiece metals and when it cools, a strong welded joint is formed. Acetylene and Oxygen are used to weld or cut metals. Pure Oxygen instead of air is used to increase flame temperature to allow localized melting of the workpiece metals. Just like Oxy-Fuel welding & cutting, only MAPP gas or Propane is used instead of Acetylene since the flame temperature created by MAPP is enough in HVAC welding works.
Theoretical Flame Temp. Electric Arc = 3,900 °C Acetylene = 2,400 °C in air
Acetylene = 3,500 °C in Oxygen
MAPP = 2,020 °C in air
MAPP = 2,925 °C in Oxygen
Propane = 1,980 °C in air
Propane = 2,253 °C in Oxygen
Workpiece Melting Point Stainless Steel = 1,400 °C
Carbon Steel = 1,490 °C
Iron = 1,540 °C
Copper = 1,085 °C ; Brass = 925°C
Silver = 962 °C
Aluminum = 660 °C
Copper = 1,085 °C ; Brass = 925°C
Silver = 962 °C
Aluminum = 660 °C
Cons & Pros *Need to be plugged in.
*Electricity cost is higher.
*Need expert experience.
*Cylinder size is big and heavy.
*Much higher flame temp. can easily damage adjacent parts.
*1LB cylinder can be portable.
*Can do all Oxy-Fuel welding jobs with better temp. and lower cost.

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